Footer section is where you can add your logo, footer links (like Terms and conditions, Sitemap and so on) and the copyright. The footer, in this theme, is built as a block. You can find it by going to Structure > Block > Configure.

Change footer logo

Go to structure > Block > Configure.

Master Drupal in 7 hours - Basic Customization - Change footer - Logo footer

Read Edit block for more information.

Change footer links

If you want to add/edit/delete any menu item, go to admin/built/menu and select Secondary links. See Manage menu.

Change copyright 

Note: If you purchase the theme, pleas make sure you have permision to remove the copyright. If you are using our free themes, keeping the copyright is a great help for us to produce more free themes for the Drupal community.

You can change our copyright at page.tpl.php file in <theme_folder>/sttheme/<theme_name>/templates/ folder (such as /sites/all/themes/sttheme/alphorn/template/page.tpl.php).