Choose good keywords

First, choose keywords which you want your page to rank high in search results. You can use Google Keyword External tool to get a better ideas of keywords. There are two factors that you need to consider: search frequency and competition.

  • If you choose a keyword that has huge interest but also fierce competition (laptops or health insurance for example), your chance to get high ranking is very low.
  • On the other hand, picking a keword with low competition but no one cares does not bring you to anywhere.

Therefore, it is up to you to select keywords that you can potentially compete and get reasonable amount of traffic.

Google Insight for Search is another great tool to find the interest of your keywords over time so you can predict the future. It also layout which regions are most interested in the topic that you pick and some raising related keywords.

Write epic shit

Second, you should have great content for your readers. Content is king. No one would visit your site if you have crappy stuffs. They come to you because you have some great things that they want to see. No SEO techniques will help you to go further if you do not have a good content.

Don't know how to start? Please see this article: Write epic shit!. It is one great blog post of Corbett Barr, the founder of Think Traffic, one of my favorite author. Corbett helps online entrepreneurs create websites and blogs that matter so they can build thriving audiences and successful online businesses.