10/21/2012 - 23:46

This is another helpful guest post from OSTraining. The topic today is how to disable broken Drupal themes and modules.

It's happened to all of us who use Drupal. We've installed a new theme or module and our beautiful homepage now looks like this:

Drupal error message

Here are ways you can try to solve this problem and get your site back online.

These solutions are a good place to start but none of them will work for everyone. The right solution for your site will depend on which version of Drupal you're using, what modules and themes you have installed and which part of the site is broken.

Solution 1: Disable via the admin

You can try to visit the admin area directly by using URLs. For example, you could try to add /admin/ to your site's URL.

If t...

10/11/2012 - 05:22

ST Zufolo is a typical and easy to use Drupal business theme. It can be used on many business majors such as services, consulting, accounting, technology etc... And its Drupal mobile theme engine is compatible with all devices: from laptops, tablets to smartphones.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Zufolo demo

Drupal theme ST Zufolo demo - Mobile screen   Drupal theme ST Zufolo demo - Tablet screen

10/08/2012 - 22:39

This is a guest blog post from Richard Larson and it may contain promotional items.

Drupal is in a word AMAZING. Well let's make that several words. AMAZING, STUPENDOUS, the best thing since sliced BREAD (and we all love turkey sandwiches except when all the little turkey bits end up in the keyboard.) The crazy thing is that the average website owner or blogger doesn't know as much about Drupal as they should. 

Now this is something that needs to change. Drupal is one of the most sophisticated content management frameworks around and the best part is that the end user of Drupal themes doesn't need any programming skills to install or administer Drupal. Drupal is easy to use and sophisticated. Now this is such an easy sell.

Here are some quick ideas on how to sell Drupal and help get the word out!

Promotional Items: Turning mere T-shirts into Dynamic Drupal Duds

Promotional products are still one of the cheapest and best ways to create brand awareness. Promotional items these days include everything from T-shirts to USB drives sporting your logo. Mouse pads, pens, coffee mugs, computer bags, the list of great promotional items is endless. The best part about promotional p...

10/05/2012 - 00:21

This is the guest post from OSTraining. OSTraining is a well known company which provides online training, classroom training and onsite training for Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. I find it is very helpful to feature posts from OSTraining on Drupal tutorials on our blog. The topic today is "Adding a Weather block to your Drupal site".

One of our students is building a local tourism website. They wanted to show the local weather on the site but without any of the big, ugly branding that often accompanies weather displays.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the Weather module to create a local weather block.

The Weather module works great, but it can be confusing to configure. This tutorial will walk you the set up from installation to publication.



  • Click on Configuration
  • Locate Weather in the User Interface block and click on...
09/26/2012 - 03:49

The "Master Drupal in 7 hours" tutorial was released on 2010 for Drupal 6 and it has alot of positive feedbacks. We have revised this Drupal tutorial for Drupal 7 and incorporate it as an ebook: "Master Drupal in 7 hours - the Drupal 7 version".

We have a lot of Drupal books for users and developers, from beginners to experts. What this book makes the difference is that

It is written for Drupal beginners and written BY a Drupal beginner

Being a beginner, I know what all beginners fear. Just like I first learnt ball room dancing, it took me almost 2 months to move like a robot, to struggle with music rythm and sway at the same time. I had to overcome the temptation of quitting several times before I could actually progress and enjoy the dances. Some of my friends, unfortunately, took the quick path to just give it up. 


08/23/2012 - 22:26

This ST Xalam theme is very suitable for healthy products such as vitamins and medicine. It makes viewers feel positive and comfortable. And it has 6 color options and fits to any mobile devices.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Xalam demo

Drupal theme ST Xalam demo


Here are Xalam's feature:

  • Drupal 7.x responsive with Commerce.
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0 Valid
  • 6 Regions
  • 6 Colors
  • Install profile - install website with just few clicks
  • Customize using Theme Settings
  • Professional Typography
  • SEO tools: autopath, meta t...
07/31/2012 - 00:17

Basically, gallery is designed to showcase products with visual attractions. The first type of product in our mind is images, from photographers. They could be also paintings, products, services or portfolio items. They all have a special requirement in common, the showcase images and effects must be outstanding.

I have created the first Drupal gallery theme 3 years ago, as requested from a friend of mine. Although Wordpress has many awesome tools for gallery effects, but for Drupal lovers, we can still build great Drupal gallery sites using contributed modules from the Drupal.org community such as Galleria, Gallerific, Views Slideshow, Colorbox and etc... 

In this article, I collect and present our 5 best Drupal gallery themes at Symphony Themes.

1. Jarana

ST Jarana is our latest gallery theme, based on Drupal 7. The first attractive point of Jarana is the sliding photo albums. The second one is the Galleria effect for photo displaying.