I received an email from Justin, the maketing manager of HudsonBooksellers for the launch of his website www.HudsonBooksellers.com and I can't help to say “Wow”. It is a brilliant face lift from my original Drupal theme Erhu. So I asked him to feature his website as a showcase of my Drupal themes.

Hudson Book Seller website

The Hudson Bookseller website

I can recognize the menu style as Erhu has a distinct menu with two thin lines above and below the menu items. Other than that, all other component of the website is completely customized. Background color is changed, more eyecatching slideshows, products are displayed as carousel and etc … And they are great. 

As you know, I provide Drupal themes. People buy themes because it is a good start to help you build your site faster. I emphasize it is a good start, because you can do anything with it to make it yours. Like HudsonBooksellers showcase, they completely make it unique and attractive.

Justin said they had a lot of fun making it and they hope you enjoy browsing through all of the book recommendations and reviews our booksellers have written.

As a final word, I would like to make an advertising for him. You can use coupon code JUSTLANDED to save 40% off the retail of your first order. And shipping is always free on orders over $75. Click on the Ebooks page to find some great deals and buy Kobo ebooks.

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