If you want to have many categories under your Blog, for example, Technology, Entertainment, Politics, Economy and so on, this section shows you how to do it.

In Drupal, Taxonomy is a method that administrators use to organize website content. You can set up a taxonomy that allows users to add terms (also known as tags or metadata) to content. Taxonomy is created from 'Vocabularies' that contain related 'Terms'. A vocabulary is a set of terms and terms are just another word for categories. If you want to understand the basic concepts of taxonomy, I have written a blog article "Taxonomy Drupal tutorial - Basic concepts" on this issue.

It sounds complicated hah? Let me make it easy by this:

  • Technology, Entertainment, Policitcs and Economy are terms.
  • Those terms are all blog categories. So the vocabulary here is "Blog category".
  • The making of "Blog category" and its children Technology, Entertainment and so on are called Taxonomy

Is it easier now? We can move on to the next steps, creating vocabularies and terms.