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Master Drupal in 7 hours ebook

Drupal 7 version


                "This is actually the first tutorial that gives me the overview as a beginner wanted."




Who this book is for?

  Are you new to Drupal and feeling learning Drupal like banging your head to walls?

  Is your progress is too slow, you want your website online now, not in several weeks?

  Are you business owners who do not know much about technical stuffs, but you want your online business powered by Drupal?

Welcome to the world of Drupal, the most powerful CMS but not quite easy to learn at the first time.


What they say?

Again thanks a lot, this the first day on Drupal when I do not bounce my head against the table desk screaming nooooooooo.
- 2046

What are benefits of this book?

Maybe you are a business owner who wants to quickly build a Drupal site for your business. Maybe you are a Drupal novice struggling with learning Drupal. Using this book, you will be able to:

      Reduce time to get familiar with Drupal

      Ease your pains, it is a short and easy-reading book

      Launch your site to public much faster


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