You can download and use all the RELEASED themes and FUTURE themes during your membership period.

You can also accesss our Support forum with our friendly support staffs and other members. Here you can find solutions for any problems with our themes. We are committed to feedback any queries within 12-24 hours during working hours. The Support Forum is  more than just a support place. You can share your knowledge and experiences with other member of the community.

We used to release at least 1 high-quality theme every month. However, since our themes are getting more and more complex, in terms of both design and technical qualities, so we may release 5-6 themes each year. We also update our existing themes with new updates and features.

  1. For ST CLUB MEMBERSHIP: The number of domains you can use depends on the Membership Plan you purchased (you can see it here). You can change to any theme released during your membership period on the licensed domain. Sub domain ( and the main domain ( will be considered as 1 domain.
  2. For ST DEVELOPER MEMBERSHIP: "ST Developer Membership" owners are given the right to run unlimited instances of any theme or any other products on any domain.
    Licensed domains are unlimited! This is particularly fit to full time individual web design developers/companies.

Yes, you can choose to purchase a single theme or a membership to download all themes.

Yes, you can customize anything to the themes. Themes are just a good start for you to build your own amazing websites. So just do it.

If you need our help on customization, please contact us for a paid service.