Before you read

This quick guide is made for Symphony Themes customers to use our free and premium Drupal themes. It is written for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. Drupal technology has advanced a great deal from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, however, the administration flow is similar. 

What this tutorial cover

Follow this tutorial quick guide "Master Drupal in 7 hours"

  1. Hour 1: Hosting requirement, covers all requirements that you need to run Drupal sites in a hosting.
  2. Hour 2: Installation, explains how to set up a Drupal site from our out-of-the-box packages. It comes with the wizard, so you can setup the site by just clicks.
  3. Hour 3: Basic customization, covers all steps to upload your own content to the site. After that, you can launch it to public. 
  4. Hour 4: Advanced customization, presents more advanced techniques if you want to further customize the site.
  5. Hour 5: SEO, explores some basic rules before doing SEO and then Drupal SEO techniques.
  6. Hour 6: Ongoing administration, gives you neccessary routine work to keep your site healthy.
  7. Hour 7: Upgrade site, shows how to upgrade your site when the Drupal core or modules release new versions.

After these 7 guides, you can now master a Drupal site with confident. We wrote this tutorial using our best practices when working with many customers. 

eBook version

The Drupal 7 version is also release as an ebook.


This tutorial is made by the Symphony team. We need your comments to make it better. We are appreciated your feedbacks to info [at]