Frequently Asked Questions about Symphony Affiliate program

An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant in which the affiliate earns a commission for referring sales and/or leads to the merchant’s online store.  Affiliate programs are also known as associate, referral and bounty programs

Making money with Symphony Affiliate program is easy because your Drupal themes sell themselves. Please check out our high quality Drupal themes.

No technical knowledge required a contractual fee. All you should do is placing our banners on your websites and you are rewarded a commission if your users sign up with us.

No, it's FREE! You can get started by reading and accepting the Affiliate Program terms and conditions.

You should also need a proper website to start advertising and a Paypal address so we can pay you.

Symphony affiliate program welcomes affiliate from all over the world and there is no constraint and restriction on temerity or location. Anyone who have website to place banner can join our program from all over the world.

Yes, you can have multiple sites as an affiliate. As long as you paste your affiliate id with your website links, the system will track traffic and orders of all sites.

Please follow these simple steps to sign up to our affiliate program:

  1. Login: if you already have an account on Symphony, please login. Otherwise, follow the register link.
  2. Please click on "Edit" tab, then select Affiliate profile and fill in your main website (for advertising products) and your Paypal email address (so we can pay you).
  3. After that, go to "Appy for role" tab, select the Affiliate role and hit the "Submit" button.
  4. Once we have approved your request, you can login at any time and visit the affiliate center to see how many sales you have referred.

Don't hesitate, get started now. If you have any questions, please contact us.

It’s simple. When you join the Symphony Themes Affiliate Program, you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID for the product you promote. When you select of our marketing tools, your relevant affiliate ID will be built into the code, allowing us to track all of your customers who click on it. If they go on to purchase themes with Symphony Themes, you can earn a commission of 20% every time that customer purchase the Symphony Themes product you promoted. wants to work with all sites, from large commercial sites to individual web pages, and everything in between. Anyone may submit an application. We review each and every potential affiliate web site before accepting it into the affiliate program. We do reserve the right to refuse a site if it contains objectionable material, including pornography, explicit language or content, or support for violent groups. Additionally, we reserve the right to terminate an affiliated site from the Affiliates program at any time for any reason.

There are only two things for which you are responsible: placing our Affiliate link(s) on your site and keeping your contact information up-to-date. We will provide you marketing materials under our Affiliate Center so you can promote the products.

We are here to help. The Symphony Themes Affiliate Center section includes images, text, links, creative and much more. Additionally, you can ask Symphony Themes Affiliate Program for help via our contact form.

To become a Symphony Themes affiliate, we must be able to view your website. At least you should have a well reputed blog to place banners for our products. 

To view or update your account details, you must first login to, then select 'Edit' where you can view or change your information.

This affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program. It is not designed to help you increase traffic to your site. However, it enhances your site with content so your user return rate may be higher.

In the Affiliate Center section of our account, we have multiple types of links to our products for you to choose from. Once you have chosen one, you can use the automatic tag generator to create a HTML code (this will include your unique affiliate ID), which you can then cut and paste into your website. It is very user-friendly, even for beginners, and takes a matter of seconds to create a link.
The principle of creating links is also simple. If you are given an affiliate id, you can just add the following prefix:<your-id>
to any valid links on Symphony Themes website, such as,<your-id>/faq.

You should place links where they are easy for your site visitors to find such as your homepage, your navigation bar or any other traffic areas. Then your visitors will be more likely to make a purchase.

Off course there will be content available to all affiliates that you can use to enhance your site and hopefully improve revenues

We can't predict how much you will earn in commissions from the Affiliate Program. Much of how much you earn will be up to you. However, we certainly believe that you'll earn more if you customize some text links that lead directly to the brand name product pages that correspond to your web site's subject. For example, if you have a web page about "Where to find the best Drupal themes" you should provide a link directly to the Drupal theme page.

You can check the Affiliate Center on your accout 24/7 to check how much commission you have earned as the status is updated each and every time a customer visit. All commission status is updated including pending commission, funded commission, payment history etc.

We process funds transfer once a month. On 5th of the every month all affiliate having more than $100 commission will receive commission for the previous month.

We do not allow affiliates to earn commission from their own purchases, as detailed in our Terms & Conditions.

If a user returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction. 

You can monitor and analyze your sales after login to your account. There is a dashboard inside the control panel through which you can monitor your sales status and all other activities.

The best feature of our affiliate program is that you just need to place a banner on your site and you are free from all other processing including order process, customer service etc.  We are handling all the processes.

We have the strong tracking system Ubercart to track who refer a sale.  All affiliates have a unique id in their link and all sales tracked by the unique id in the link through which a sale is referred.

Feel free to contact Symphony Themes at or e-mail we’re happy to answer your questions or offer advice about making the most of your participation in this program.