Websites are no longer viewed only on a desktop screens. More and more smartphones, tablets and netbooks are introduced to offer new and more convenient ways to access web content everywhere. In this article, Symphony Themes introduces two FREE Drupal 7 themes, Alphorn and Conch, which support display in various devices from smartphones, tablets to laptops and big screen computers.

In the Drupal Conference London 2011 last month, Tom Deryckere showed some figures of the mobile penetration on his session "Bridging gap between desktop and mobile publishing with Drupal": 

  • Facebook: 200M mobile users, 2x more active than Desktop users
  • Twitter mobile: 50% of total active users, 40% of all tweets.
  • Only 21% of Google's largest advertisers have a website that is optimized for mobile.

In fact, Morgan Stanley predicts at the current rate of change and adoption, mobile Web usage will surpass desktop Internet usage by 2015. Therefore, websites in next generation must, either adaptively or responsively, support mobile devices.

In order to show how a mobile website looks, Symphony Themes introduces two Drupal 7 themes, Alphorn and Conch, available for FREE download.

ST Alphorn

Alphorn is the first free Drupal theme that Symphony introduced 2 years ago. It is quite popular among Drupal community. We had many requests for the Drupal 7 theme version of Alphorn but it could not be released right after Drupal 7  was released. Now everything is ready and I can make Alphorn as a responsive Drupal 7 theme.

Alphorn in responsive mode

ST Alphorn in 3 different layours


  • Demo:  Alphorn demo link.
  • Download: you can download both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions  via Alphorn project page.
  • Download via

ST Conch

Conch is also one of our popular free Drupal themes with thousand downloads. For this Drupal 7 theme version, we have redesign and add responsiveness features so the web layout can adapt to different mobile device screens.

Conch in responsive mode

ST Conch in 3 different layours


  • Demo:  Conch demo link.
  • Download: you can download both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions  via Conch project page.
  • Download via

Power of Omega theme

The idea of catering for various resolutions throw a range of resolutions and different screen sizes for designers and developers to now worry about. Thanks for Omega theme of Development Geeks, we can sucessfully implement a responsive Drupal theme which actually works.

For Drupal themers and developers, please follow the session of Omega team in the Drupal Conference London 2011: Adaptive, responsive, mobile first and Drupal theming for the future with HTML5, CSS3 and Omega. The session provides many great knowledges, tools and tips to implement repsonsive Drupal themes.

Please download and enjoy. We look forward to have feedbacks from you! 

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