You may ask me: why to have page titles for views?

Views in Drupal, technically, are used to display a list of content. Translating to business language, it will be used for category pages. For example, if you build a shopping website in Drupal to sell mobile devices, you will use "views" to construct the page of Apple products (and also Samsung products, LG products, etc ...)

These category pages are very important (second most after your homepage). You will definitely want they appear on top of Google search results for relating keywords. To achieve it, one of the best SEO practices is to set good focused titles for them.

When I developed the website for Exotic Voyages, a luxury travel agent, it has many category pages. They are pages for hotels, tours, destinations, cruises, photos etc ... all are built by Drupal 7 views. The SEO team of Exotic Voyages required me to let them set custom titles for these pages.

A tour page built by Drupal views - Exotic Voyages website

An example of a view in Drupal

I thought it should have been a popular topic. I spent days and could not find a quick and strait forward solution. Fortunately, I finally found a solution for this problem: 

1. Simple Page Title

Simple Page Title is simple, but it does exactly what I need, to be able to set custom title for any pages, basing on URLs.

This module is not popular, only 500+ installs and its version for Drupal 7 is still in development mode. However, I tested it in my client website and found no problem with it.

After installation, the module appears on Admin > Structure > Simple Page Title. Just provide the path and the title you want, and click on Submit. That's quite easy.

Using Simple page title module in Drupal

Using Simple Page Title

It works properly in conjunction with the famous Page title module. So if you can both set title patterns and custom title as you desire.

Note: if you like the simplicity of this module, you may want to see the Metatag quick module as well. It also enables you to set custom metatag for any URL.

2. On Drupal 6, use Nodewords Page Title

On my Drupal 6 websites, I use the Nodewords Page Title module. It is an addons to the Nodewords module and provides an additional tab to set custom page title for URLs.

Using Simple page title module in Drupal

Using Simple Page Title

Please be warned that this module only works with Nodewords 1.12-rc1 or 1.12-beta9.

3.Use views as attachment block

Another interesting solution which I found on this article on Digett is to make all pages on your website as nodes. Then, configure a view as a block and attach to a specific node.

That's a clever way to work around the problem. Now you can set page titles and meta tags for nodes with ease, like I have describe on the previous article "Set Drupal page title and node title".

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