After ST Alphorn was ported to Drupal 7 theme last month, we proceed to do the same with ST Conch. Conch is also one of our popular free Drupal themes with thousand downloads.

Demo and download

Conch in responsive mode

ST Conch in 3 different layours


As noted from previous post, the  Drupal 7 theme version of ST Conch is a theme only package, which means you have to build your Drupal 7 site and apply this theme. The Drupal 6 version is still an out-of-the-box package. We hope to build an out-of-the-box Drupal 7 package for Conch very soon, when all necessary modules are stable.

As everything is ready for us to make a full site package, ST Conch is available as out-of-the-box. Moreover, for this Drupal 7 theme version, we have redesign and add responsiveness features so the web layout can adapt to different mobile device screens, from smart phones and tablets to laptops and big screen computers.

We look forward to get feedbacks from you.

ST Conch layout

ST Conch layout




I really like this website, and hope you will write more, thanks a lot for your information.

tattoo me now

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V 7.x Missing Styles, Nodes, Documentation (?)

It's great that these themes are offered for free but this one (Conch) is seemingly incomplete - at least for version 7. Out of the box it does not look anything like the demo page as claimed. For example, there is no node with links to RSS/Facebook/Twitter, the block-user-login style is not defined, front page articles are not styled as shown on the demo, there absolutely is no slideshow. I've reviewed the PDF, managed to add a slide show but this was using Drupal's View SlideShow and ImageCache modules - using another tutorial - since this documentation appears to be incomplete and/or out of date for Drupal 7. Any plans to get this updated?

Laura, The out-of-the-box

The out-of-the-box package is not available yet for Drupal 7. I have stated it clearly on my blog post. It is a theme package only.
We are in progress of making the out-of-the-box Drupal 7 package and hopefully it can be released in the next 2 months.

nice style

nice style

Not quite done yet

Nice theme, but there are some notices on the demo page. Also, the quote in the upper right is mis-aligned if JS is disabled.

Thank Salvis, It's only

Thank Salvis,
It's only notices of demo version but I''ve fix it.

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