We had been always using FAQ module to create Frequently Asked Questions for any of our projects. But on our latest theme, BizReview, we switch to a new module, FAQ Field.

FAQ is a classic module, it is there since Drupal 6. So when we have to build a FAQ section, using this module is a no brainer. This is the FAQ module in action on our Velocity theme.

Velocity FAQ section


Recently, when I wanted to download that module again for my new project, I was too lazy to type the full URL, so I google "drupal faq". It happened to display another new module, called FAQ field. I looked at the description and found it very promising. So I gave it a try. After using it, I have the following comparisions between the two modules.


FAQ Field
  • Older, since Drupal 6. 34K+ usages
  • Uses Views to display FAQ nodes
  • Create new question by adding new FAQ node
  • Needs to use Weight to control the question orders.
  • 4 diplay options on configuration
  • Allow subcategories
  • Newer, only since Drupal 7. 1,700+ usages
  • Integrate as a field of a node
  • Create new question by adding a field value
  • Drag and drop to control the question orders.
  • 4 display options on fied display configuration
  • No subcategories

I found the FAQ Field module is more light weight and easier to use. I just need to create a new content type with the FAQ field, then add a new node with any number of questions, instead of creating a separate node for each question. Ordering is much simpler, just drag and drop, instead of typing weight numbers.

Installation and tutorial

Here are the steps to use the FAQ field module:

  1. Install FAQ field (no dependancies)
  2. Create a new content type, FAQ for example. Add the FAQ field

    FAQ field on new content type

  3. Create a FAQ node

    FAQ field on node

  4. The result

FAQ field in action

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