Are you turned off with table content, especially a long table of over 100 rows? It is a nightmare to create a HTML table, look for each tag to enter data.

Recently, I was working on a local project which has a member directory on 63 provinces over the country. Each province has 5 lists of different types of members to keep track with. Each list has an average of 50-100 members. It is not hard to imagine inputing them by HTML is a nightmare.

That's when Table Field comes in handy.

What it does?

Basically, this Table Field module allows you to create a field in your content type with tabular data. You can either enter cell data manually by specifying the number of rows/columns; or you can import from a CSV file.

Using CSV import is the most amazing feature that I need for my project. Just turn Excel files to CSV, upload to each node and it is done. 

How to use?

  1. Install the module from:
  2. Add a field to a content type

  3. Create a node, enter table data or import from CSV

With the help of this module, my job on that project becomes much easier. This cool Drupal module saves me a day.

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