A new colorful and event oriented Drupal theme ST Duduk.


After a month of prepration, we are happy to release a new theme of a completely different style. ST Duduk is corner slided, very colorful with the combination of blue, green and yellow (like the Brazilian flag). This theme introduces a new feature, Event. Now you can schedule events of your own and show them to your customers as Upcoming Events.

Event is the feature that we integrated to Duduk due to a huge demand of a tool that can create and show upcoming events for companies, event organizer, clubs and so on. We will develop more functionalities for Event feature such as event registration, invitation and confirmation on our future themes.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Duduk demo


Here are some features of ST Duduk:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0 Valid
  • 12 Regions
  • 4 menu options: CSS, Split and ST and Nifty Menu
  • Twitter module
  • Event feature, create and show upcoming events.
  • Image Slideshow
  • PSD file included
  • Customize using Theme Settings
  • Drupal 6.x
  • Professional Typography


You can preview and download ST Duduk. We will support all problems with Duduk at our Support Forum.

Drupal theme ST Duduk layout

ST Duduk Layout

If you have particular features that many people would need, could you please raise them in our Drupal support forum. We would like to hear feedback from you so we can produce themes which suit your needs.

Many thanks :).

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