Designing a magazine theme is always not a easy task. It has many articles with images and text and a lot of categories while it has to maintain an easy to navigate look at the same time. inherited from our featured Nagara theme and inspired by the famous MSNBC, ST Cromone fulfills those requirements. It might not be so attractive from the first glance, but the more you navigate, the more you feel comfortable, just like you are surfing your favorite online magazine.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Cromone demo


Here are Cromone's feature:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0 Valid
  • 7 Regions
  • 7 Colors 
  • Menu options: CSS Menu
  • Install profile - install website with just few clicks
  • Customize using Theme Settings
  • Drupal 6.x
  • Professional Typography


You can preview Cromone here. We will support all problems with Cromone at our Support Forum.

ST Cromone layout
ST Cromone layout


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