Fusion is a powerful Drupal base theme which offers alot of flexible styling configuration options. In this article, we will demonstrate many cool features of Fusion with the demonstration from our free Drupal theme ST Octavin.

Fusion is a powerful Drupal base theme which can make your life with Drupal theming easier and more flexibile. I'm myself a Drupal themer for quite long time and I know how unpleasant Drupal developers have to deal with UI stuffs. In order to make a block smaller a little bit, you have to find exact CSS files, make changes, refresh the browser to see how it looks like, and you may repeat it tens times. Now Fusion has layout and style configuration options that you can use the admin interface to manage them. So basically, you can know a little about theming, but you can still customize a Drupal theme to what you want.

Demo of Drupal Fusion theme

Free Drupal theme ST Octavin layout

ST Octavin layout

ST Octavin is our latest free Drupal theme based on Fusion theme. Download and install Octavin to explore the flexibility of Drupal Fusion theme. We will use Octavin to demonstrate many cool features of Fusion listed below.

Fusion theme features

With Fusion Drupal theme, you can:

  • Have many options for theme configuration that no other themes can offer. They are Logo, Site name, Site slogan, User pictures in posts, User pictures in comments, Search box, Shortcut icon, Primary links and Secondary links. You can access this settings page at Administration > Site building > Themes, and click the “Configure” link next to your current theme.

    Fusion common options
  • Easier control layout of the site without edit source code. Fusion integrate fixed vs fluid page width, it's based on a simplified 960px or fluid 12/16-column grid. You also can change width of sidebar at theme configuration page or remove sidebar by don't put any block in sidebar region, the sidebar region will not be display at all.

    Fusion layout conifg
  • Have a lot of options for font family and font sizes at theme configuration page.

    Fusion typography config
  • Integrated superfish dropdown menus, it can be enabled by selecting "Expanded" next to the parent menu item in your menu configuration.
  • Configure search result with many options such as Display text snippet, Display content type, Display auther name, Display posted date, Display comment count, Display attachment count. You can config those search option at theme configuration page.
  • Provide 13 default blocks. This is the block diagram:

    Fusion Drupal daigram block
  • With Fusion, you no longer have to go through the block/view configuration page by click on the gear icon that appears when you hover over your blocks/view to add styles.

    Fusion drupal gear icon
  • Use Skirn module to create default block styles, you don't have to re-code the same common features for menus, lists, block position, content alignment, etc.
  • And the best feature is that Fusion supports sub-theme, so you can create a new theme as a sub theme and inherit all the features of the core theme.

You can find more information and read document of Fusion at http://drupal.org/project/fusion or http://fusiondrupalthemes.com/support/documentation


As Fusion provides many cool features for styling Drupal that no other themes can offer, SymphonyThemes has adopted the Drupal Fusion theme as the core theme for every templates we release from now on. ST Octavin is our free Drupal Fusion theme that we want to contribute to the Drupal community. We look forward to have feedbacks from you.


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