Jul 2010
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Drupal ImageCache is a powerful Drupal module that helps you resize and crop images. You can use ImageCache with uploaded images, user profile pictures and a content type with CCK and ImageField. This article is to show you how to use ImageCache in Drupal.

Why using ImageCache? Obviously, to make your website look good. Suppose I create a view for a list of my blog entries. I will need all thumbnail images of those entries to have the same size, or at least the same width, so my blog does not look messy. To set the same format for those thumbnails, I use the Drupal ImageCache module.

Create a preset for images

The first step is to create a preset. When you want different formats for different content, for example, thumbnails images and user profile pictures, you need to create different presets.  

  1. Go to Administer -> Site Building -> Image cache.
  2. Label a new namespace preset: for example "blog" and click on the 'Create preset' button.
  3. Choose an action: scale, resize, or c...