Mar 2015
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When operating a business, customer support is a key activity to the business success. When your company market is small, every support request can be handled via emails. But when you are growing, email support becomes inefficient. It is hard to follow, easy to miss, can not be distributed among team members and can not be measured the support quality.

So you may have to find a better solutions. A few ones will come in mind:

  1. Use a online software such as ZenDesk or FreshDesk: they are easy to deploy but incur monthly costs. If you have mutiple agents, the cost is multipled.
  2. Use an open source tool like OSTicket: it is free, simple to use. However, it lacks many features such as knowledge base, support agents etc ...
  3. Use this Helpdesk theme.

This Helpdesk system gives you:

  • A knowledge base system to help your customers quickly look for information and solutions.
  • A support ticket system for unlimited support agents without monthly charge.
  • and many more features as below.

1. Knowledge Base

The best support strategy is to let customers look for answers before contacting you. A Knowledge base is made for it. It holds a lot of useful answers for frequently met troubles. It provides a search tool so customers can search and f...

Aug 2014
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You want to build a rating website like Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor ... ? This one is for you. The BizReview theme is our best directory and listing Drupal theme so far. It has tons of features: 3 home pages, 2 blog styles, listing categories, listing details with or without banners, powerful map base, advertising options and etc ...

3 Homepages: Modern, Default and Classic

If you need something familiar, choose the Classic style. If you need a more concurrent design, the Modern style is suitable. The Default style is a bit of both.

BizReview Home Modern       BizReview Home Default  BizReview Home Classic


SmartDir Powerful Map solutions

May 2014
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If you want to build a review or directory website, similar to Yelp, SmartDir is a perfect Drupal based solution for it. With user reviews, maps, unlimited categories, responsive mobile, advertising options and more ... This is what Drupal is good for: handling complex structured data with ease. Also, with the powerful map solution, it will turn your website to an interactive online directory portal.

2 Homepages: Modern and Classic

If you need something familiar, choose the Classic style. If you need a more concurrent design, the Modern style is suitable.

SmartDir Home Modern       SmartDir Home Modern


SmartDir Powerful Map solutions


Powerful Map Solutions

Based on Leaflet with 10+ map layers. Beautiful marker with FontAwesome Icon. Marker c...

Mar 2014
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Looking for a clean, simple layout theme with elegant photo display? Please check out our latest Drupal photography theme Fullscreen. This theme is a great combination of a Bootstrap theme implementation and Istope masonry layout.

ST Fullscreen Preview
ST Fullscreen layout

Based on Bootstrap 3

This theme is based on Bootstrap 3, a powerful base theme that empower more than 1% of all websites in the world. With tons of amazing features, you can do a lot of cool things with this theme like never before.

ST Fullscreen Preview

Isotope Masonry Layout

Have you heard about...

Jan 2014
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We have released ST Velocity, a clean, modern and responsive Drupal theme, on Themeforest. Being accepted on Themeforest proves the quality of this theme. It is our best ever Drupal theme with beautiful design. It is super flexible that you can change layout and colors from backend: 12 predefined colors, 2 layout styles, 15+ portfolios and 5 blog styles. If you need a single theme for your business, portfolio and blog websites, here it is.

ST Velocity Preview
ST Octoban layout

1. Mobile Responsive

ST Velocity on mobiles

The theme is responsive to any devices, from big screen computers, laptops to tablets and mobiles. It offers the most friendly experiences to our visitors and customers.

2. Portolio Options

ST Velocity Portfolio Options