Update Drupal core

The very first step to make any upgrade to your site is to backup. See our backup and migrate guide for more details. After that, these are instructions to update Drupal core.

Step 1: Backup your existing site and database.

Step 2: Place the site in "off-line" mode (Administer  > Site configuration  > Site maintenance).

Step 3: Download and unzip the new Drupal files, and carefully review the information and instructions available in the file UPGRADE.txt (located in the root of your installation directory).

Step 4: Switch your site's theme to a default theme (Garland or Bluemarine), and disable all contributed or customized modules.

Step 5: Upload the new Drupal files to your server to overwrite the old code.

Step 6: Run the update.php script, which will update your database. (http://yoursitename.com/update.php)

Step 7: Re-enable your contributed modules and run update.php (http://yoursitename.com/update.php)

Step 8: Re-enable your theme and if necessary run update.php (http://yoursitename.com/update.php)

Final words

Congratulation! You have finish the "Master Drupal in 7 hours" course. As you can see, Drupal may not be difficult than you first thought.

There are some parts of this website which you can go next:

We will continue update this course with more information. We hope to have comments from you.