Meta tags are meta data of a HTML page which supply additional information for search engines. The most important tags in SEO practices are description and keywords.

  • Description: describes what your page is about. When you search via Google and your pages are listed on the search results, Google will use this tag as the description.
  • Keywords: help search engines to categorize your site. You should provide some concise keywords for your site. Together with other techniques, it can help to boost your site ranking.

Configure meta tags

Step 1: Go to Admin > content > Meta tag.

Step 2: On the Meta tags to show on edit form, you should check Description and Keywords. If you are experienced in SEO, you can select other parameters.

Step 3: On the Meta tags to output in HTML, you should also check Description and Keywords.

Those are the most important settings. More options are available below, you can play around them later.

Meta tags for the front page

Definitely you should create meta tags for the front page. Please click on Default and specific meta tags tab, and then select Front page.

Enter the Description and Keywords for your front page.

Master Drupal in 7 hours - Configure SEO - Meta tag_01

Meta tags for the other pages

Select Default values to edit meta tags for all other pages. If a page does not have meta tags, it will use these default values.

Master Drupal in 7 hours - Configure SEO - Meta tag_02

Meta tags for each node

You can also edit meta tags for each node (blog articles or pages). When creating or editing a content, please find the Meta tags section and fill out necessary information. The most important tags again, should be description and keywords.

Master Drupal in 7 hours - Configure SEO - Meta tag_03