Jan 2012
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Although I am fairly confortable with using the plain editor to write HTML code, most of my customers aren't. They do not have technical background and feel difficulty just to look at a buch of opening and closing tags. WYSIWYG comes in handy here to provide an easy to use solution for non tech guys.

In my experiences, there are two things that most of my customers concern: "an editor with enough menu buttons" and "a tool to upload image". So when I see a Drupal 7 sites without them, the first thing in my mind is to get them installed.

On Drupal 6, my choice for the WYSIWYG editor is FCKEditor. CKEditor is the successor of FCK with better visual and functionality and it works well with Drupal 7. IMCE is a great tool for users to upload files. In the following sections, I will describe how to install and tune CKEditor and IMCE. 

Installing CKEditor

CKEditor is not a separate module in Drupal 7. You have to install the WYSIWYG module and then install CKEditor as its library.

  1. Download WYSIWYG at...