Jul 2012
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Basically, gallery is designed to showcase products with visual attractions. The first type of product in our mind is images, from photographers. They could be also paintings, products, services or portfolio items. They all have a special requirement in common, the showcase images and effects must be outstanding.

I have created the first Drupal gallery theme 3 years ago, as requested from a friend of mine. Although Wordpress has many awesome tools for gallery effects, but for Drupal lovers, we can still build great Drupal gallery sites using contributed modules from the Drupal.org community such as Galleria, Gallerific, Views Slideshow, Colorbox and etc... 

In this article, I collect and present our 5 best Drupal gallery themes at Symphony Themes.

1. Jarana

ST Jarana is our latest gallery theme, based on Drupal 7. The first attractive point of Jarana is the sliding photo albums. The second one is the Galleria effect for photo displaying.