When you download and install the Drupal core, it is by default English, as you may know. Our Drupal themes on Symphony Themes are also in English by default. In many cases, I receive requests from customers on how to quickly translate Drupal to their languages (not English, ofcourse).

Here is the guide. It applies to translate Drupal in a non-multilanguage site. If you need more than one language in the same site, you will need to do a lot more stuffs, which can be found on another article.

1. Enable neccessary modules

Please go to admin/modules and enable Locale and Content translation.

2. Add your language

Go to admin/config/regional/language to add your language, please choose it as default language

3. Download the translation manually

Go to http://localize.drupal.org/translate/downloads?project=drupal to download translation package for your language.

Then import the translation. Go to admin/config/regional/translate/import to import the package you have just downloaded.

4. Automate the process with Localize Update

You can automate the translation update process for the Drupal core and all of your installed modules as well by using the Localize Update module.

It is very useful. When you install new modules, this Localize Update module automatically pulls the translations for the new modules from localize.drupal.org.

5. Translate manually

The site is now translated to your language. If you find any untranslated strings, please go to admin/config/regional/translate/translate to search and translate them

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