When operating a business, customer support is a key activity to the business success. When your company market is small, every support request can be handled via emails. But when you are growing, email support becomes inefficient. It is hard to follow, easy to miss, can not be distributed among team members and can not be measured the support quality.

So you may have to find a better solutions. A few ones will come in mind:

  1. Use a online software such as ZenDesk or FreshDesk: they are easy to deploy but incur monthly costs. If you have mutiple agents, the cost is multipled.
  2. Use an open source tool like OSTicket: it is free, simple to use. However, it lacks many features such as knowledge base, support agents etc ...
  3. Use this Helpdesk theme.

This Helpdesk system gives you:

  • A knowledge base system to help your customers quickly look for information and solutions.
  • A support ticket system for unlimited support agents without monthly charge.
  • and many more features as below.

1. Knowledge Base

The best support strategy is to let customers look for answers before contacting you. A Knowledge base is made for it. It holds a lot of useful answers for frequently met troubles. It provides a search tool so customers can search and find what they need.

Helpdesk system is built with a Facet search feature. Once an user enters a keyword, it shows the list of relevant articles with extra filter criteria such as categories, types and tags.

2. Support Ticket System

This is a private support system. Once a customer submits a support request, the manager can assign it to an agent. All progress of the ticket is recorded and tracked at any time. As the manager, you can quickly see how good your support team work. Your customers are also supported in an efficient method with high satisfaction.

3. Blog system

Blog is an addon useful feature. Your team can frequently write a blog post to communicate with customers.

4. Other features:

This Helpdesk theme is based on Drupal, one of the most popular CMS, with the following features:

  • Ticket Support System: allows customers to raise tickets. Support agents can support ticket, change status, assign to other agents and etc .. It is a handy and powerful support system.
  • Knowledege Base System: create your own solutions and guide so customers can search and read without having asking for help. Unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Blog: 2 styles Modern and Classic.
  • Forum: build your own community, or use it as a support forum.
  • Many pages: About, Contact, FAQs .. You can create more pages by your own.
  • Elements: the theme is based on Bootstrap, the most popular CSS framework. So you will have tons of cool elements coming with it: Columns, Buttons, Tabs, Toogles, Accordions, Typography, Data Tables, Call to Action Buttons and many more.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Install Profile with loaded demo data
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Excellent user manual and professional theme support to fix any kind of problems

5. Purchase it:

It is only $48 to purchase the theme. It saves you alot when comparing with monthly charge from online softwares. Please click on the link below to get the Helpdesk theme.




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