As you already know, Drupal 7 had its debut on January this year. It has been 8 months until we can come up with the first Drupal 7 themes (ST Khen and ST Mizmar). I have faced many challenges such as lack of modules and a good base theme. Changing a Drupal platform requires a completed reboot of technology and thinkings.

Omega base theme

One crucial point of our Drupal 7 themes is mobile device supported. For Drupal 6, my headache was making the theme compliant to major browsers. Now the heachache is doubled since we still have to keep the theme look best in major browsers, we also have to make it look best in mobile devices. With the huge growth of hand held devices, mobile supported displaying will be soon a must for any websites. 

ST Mizmar, responsive Drupal 7 theme
An example of responsive layout

Thanks to Omega, I have a great tool to build my themes. I have released ST Alphorn and ST Conch, two subthemes of Omega. They are FREE for downloading.

End of Drupal 6 theme release

Drupal 7 is very promising and also challenging. I decided to stop producing Drupal 6 themes in order to focus my efforts to implement better Drupal 7 themes. 

Therefore, from August 2011, Symphony Themes will release only new Drupal 7 themes.

Drupal 7 theme converting plan

As promised to customers, we are in the progress of converting my existing Drupal 6 themes to Drupal 7. At this time, we have succesfully converted Nagara and Cromone to Drupal 7 theme. Although I really want to finish the porting as soon as possible, the progress is quite slow. Catering for various browsers and devices throws alot of work for our designer and developers to worry about.

List of themes to be converted and the expected schedule

Group A
End of Sep 2011 - Done
Nagara, Cromone, Bassoon
Group B
End of Oct 2011
Viola, Dulcian, Lirone (due to module unavailability), Harp
Group C
End of Nov 2011
Quena, Inci, Erhu, Yali, Fiddle
Group D
End of Dec 2011
Gopuz, Bandura, Alboka, Igil
Group E
Next year 2012. Only convert when members require
Kalimba, Pipe, Duduk, Melodeon, Ektara, Gemshorn, Flabiol, Udu, Rebab, Sanshin

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