Mar 2013
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I received an email from Justin, the maketing manager of HudsonBooksellers for the launch of his website www.HudsonBooksellers.com and I can't help to say “Wow”. It is a brilliant face lift from my original Drupal theme Erhu. So I asked him to feature his website as a showcase of my Drupal themes.

Hudson Book Seller website

The Hudson Bookseller website

I can recognize the menu style as Erhu has a distinct menu with two thin lines above and below the menu items. Other than that, all other component of the website is completely customized. Background color is changed, more eyecatching slideshows, products are displayed as carousel and etc … And they are great. 

As you know, I provide Drupal themes. People buy themes because it is a good start to help you build your site faster. I emphasize it is a good start, because you can do anything with it to make it yours. Like HudsonBooksell...

Jan 2012
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Androidshop.vn is a startup business which sells Android devices such as Android TV box, smartphones and tablets. In searching for a quick but good quality solution, they adopted ST Quena as a good start to build their website.

Androidshop homepage screenshot

ST Quena with its contrast color scheme, is very suitable for websites which sell high tech devices. Our team has helped Androidshop.vn to set up the site, change color theme and design a homepage banner. Everything else is easily managed by the site owner.

The modern product list allows best view of product short description, image, price and overall rating.

At the end, the website looks cool and professional enough for starting a bus...

Oct 2011
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PretaLove.com is a start up business who specilizes in premium Prestashop modules and Prestashop themes. Although Prestashop is a shopping CMS itself, the PrestaLove team found it very hard to build a completed commerce website with membership features and many CMS functionalities.

With a team of geeks and limited budget from the begining, PrestaLove can not afford to develop a website from scratch. Instead, they have adopted one of our Drupal 7 themes, the ST Mizmar, to provide great looking website make use of many great Drupal modules. Therefore they can focus on developing products and launch their services to public in a short time. 

The new site is compatible with different devices from smart phones, tablets to laptops. This responsiveness feature is the key feature of our Symphony Drupal 7 themes. The point of displaying nicely in mobile devices plays a crucial role for any website to succeed in the upcoming time.

Jun 2011
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VietnamGapYear (VGY) is the first gap year organization established and run by specialists on Vietnam. With the help from Symphony Themes, VGY has launched a Drupal 7 website using ST Fiddle theme in a very short time.

VietnamGapYear is the first gap year organization established and run by specialists on Vietnam - the Vietnamese people themselves, focusing on education, personal growth and experience enrichment.

Gap year could be taken any period of time of your life: between your high school and university, between your university and the first job, between jobs … Its core value is true real experience of the world, engaging in meaningful work, making new friends, appreciating other nations’ culture, and above all exploring your own passion and possibilities. Gap year takers’ personal growth gives them a development advantage and the experience is surely a valuable asset.

Symphony Themes has teamed up with VietnamGapYear to produce a website in a short time. Using th...

Mar 2010
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Noogen Photography is a new website based on Drupal and designed by Symphony Themes.

Drupal theme for photography

Photographers do not usually use Drupal for their showcase website. Preferable choices would be a blogging software or flash. See some template stores, you can see a lot of flash template. They look pretty cool with eyecatching effects. But be aware, it may cost you more than what you think it is. The cost of a flash template is about $50, but customize it could take hundreds.

We have convinced Noogen Photography to select Drupal over other choices for future advanced features such as photo selling or community involvement. It has a very clean style, very few decoration to lighten up the photo themselves.

Noogen Photography site

The website is here: Drupal photography website - Noogen Pho...