On May 12th 2010, Noupe has presented 50 high quality Drupal themes in their blog. ST Alphorn and Conch are selected among 5 themes of Magazine and Newspaper style category.

Noupe is a well known design blog about new and interesting stuff on design, jQuery and photoshop. In the recent article on Drupal, Noupe introduced some basic concepts of Drupal setup, simple customization and themes in conjuction with 50 Drupal themes of categories:

  • Free Magazine and Newspaper Style Themes
  • Free Corporate and Business Themes
  • Free Blog Themes
  • Free Wordpress Ported Themes for Drupal
  • Blank and Starter Drupal Themes for Developers
  • Premium Drupal 6 Themes

Alphorn and Conch from Symphony Themes are listed among five free magazine and newspaper styles themes. So far they are two of most popular free Drupal themes. According to our statistics, each of them has been downloaded more than 10 thousands. We have also uploaded these two themes to Drupal.org.

This article indicates the rising concern of web community on Drupal. For a few number of years, Drupal has a reputation of being a difficult CMS to learn. It scared away designers. However, the current trend shows that more designers have adopted Drupal to design for. Once they discovered the power of Drupal, there will be more quality products available to Drupal community.


awsome themes .This article

awsome themes .This article indicates the rising concern of web community on Drupal.

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