Please join us to say NO to Internet Explorer 6.

It was a busy week for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It has recently been accounted for security vulnerability source that Google was hacked in China (see this article). Following this incident, French and German government issued a warning against IE (see it here). It's been admitted by Microsoft that IE6 is to blamed.

From a theme developer point of view, we also face many troubles with IE6. As web technology develops with many awesome effects, IE6 does not support them all. So we have to limit our functions just to make our themes look consistent in every browsers. Without the existence of IE6, we could enhance our theme quality more.

So we should boycott IE6, because:

  • It is not secure, many security vulnerabilities.
  • You do not feel the most advanced features of web technology.

From now on, Symphony Themes will not support IE6 for every releasing themes. We will install a script to warn users to upgrade their browsers, at least to IE7 or IE8 (a most secure browser in the market, as claimed by Microsoft ;D). However, we will still support IE6 for custom orders.

Here is the javascript code to block IE6 browser:

var IE6 = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE 6")>=0) ? true : false;





                'position': 'absolute',

                'top': '0px',

                'left': '0px',

                backgroundColor: 'black',

                'opacity': '0.75',

                'width': '100%',

                'height': $(window).height(),

                zIndex: 5000




        $("<div><img src='no-ie6.png' alt='' style='float: left;'/><p><br /><strong>Sorry! This page doesn't support Internet Explorer 6.</strong><br /><br />If you'd like to read our content please <a href=''>upgrade your browser</a> or <a href=''>subscribe to our RSS feed</a>.</p>")


                backgroundColor: 'white',

                'top': '50%',

                'left': '50%',

                marginLeft: -210,

                marginTop: -100,

                width: 410,

                paddingRight: 10,

                height: 200,

                'position': 'absolute',

                zIndex: 6000





We hope you will do the same. Please join us to SAY NO TO IE6.

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