How to get more links to your site and raise its ranking

The truth is we always want our website to be more popular, and the fact is if there are more links to your site, it will get a higher rank by search engines. If you have good content, people may want to bookmark them, or share with others. It increases number of links to your sites. So your website ranks higher.

How to motivate visitors to bookmark your content? There are several issues that I want to address now.

As parts of website business, you spend alot of time to create contents that impress many readers. Suppose I read a very good article from your website and I say "Oh, that's great, I want to share it to my friends as well". I open my Facebook, and post it as a link to my Wall. I open my Twitter, and tweet it. But I also have three or four bookmark application that I also use such as Digg, Delicious, Google Bookmark and so on. Argg, this could take quite a time, so I ignore it, and continue with other content.

I'm reluctant to keep on bookmark your articles, because I feel boring to open my favorite bookmarking sites, and add it again and again.

Now another issue, I found this article to be good, but not so great, think of adding it to my bookmarks. Argg, I need to open my bookmark sites again. Let's see another articles, when I find a better one I will bookmark it. So I leave and I won't come back to bookmark this one.

So the points that I want to mention here is

  1. If bookmarking process is not so convenient, I may only bookmark it to my 1-2 top favorite bookmarking sites.
  2. If bookmarking process is not so convenient, I may only bookmark an article that I think it's great, and I may omit other articles that are good, but not so great.
  3. Because fewer people bookmark your sites, it will rank lower.

Fortunately, there are a couple of tools that reduce bookmarking process to one click or two.


I used AddThis on SymphonyThemes. It's very easy to use. Just go to,

  1. Select your service between Website, Blogger, Wordpress or Myspace.
  2. Select a button style.
  3. Choose to have analytics or not.
  4. Then grab the button code.
AddThis - create a but
Figure 1: Create a AddThis button

I don't like the default options on the front page, so I go to and customize a button style that fit SymphonyThemes well. More options to choose, and you can preview them as well.


AddToAny seems to have more features than AddThis. It supports many opensource CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Elgg, Wordpress and so on.

  1. Choose your button: Share & Bookmark or Subscribe
  2. Choose your button style.
  3. Enter some info like page name, page URL.
  4. Click to More options and you will find a range of options there like Language, # of services displayed, menu color, prioritize services ...
  5. Click to Get Button code and you're done.

Figure 2: Create a AddToAny button

Add the code you take from AddThis and AddtoAny to all of your articles. You can see in this one, there is a toolbox for bookmarking as well. Now your readers can just click on the button, choose their favorite services and bookmark your sites.


In my opinion, both AddThis and AddToAny provides excellent services. AddToAny has more variety of options, but I adopted AddThis because it's quite simple to use, and it has a Toolbox style which I see it's better fit my SymphonyThemes style rather than a button.

It seems simple, isn't it? Just think, if you have good content that people may want to bookmark, and you have tools that make bookmarking a piece of cake, this can generates hundreds of links to your sites and significantly raise your rankings.

So if you found this article to be helpful, would you be so kind as to share it with your friends by using the button below? Thank you.


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