These are some answers that you may consult first. If you have any furthur question, please let us know.

We hope the following FAQs will give you most answers for your concerns. New popular questions will be frequently updated on our FAQ page too.

1. Can I use images in your package in many purposes?

The images in our packages have appropriate licenses to be used in your websites. However, they cannot be used in your commercial marketing products such as banner ads or brochures.

2. I bought a theme which doesn't work with my Drupal version, what should I do?

We have indicated in each theme the Drupal version which it works with. You should upgrade your Drupal or ask us about the customization. Remember it will be a custom job with hourly rate.

3. What’s a "Buy out"?

If you choose to Buy out a theme from us, it will then be removed from out website completely so no other downloaders can access it. Your theme will be guaranteed to be 100% unique if it has zero download before your Buyout.

4. I don't like my theme, can I have a refund?

We have showcases for all themes to demonstrate what exactly they are viewed and used. We will provide you a refund if the theme you purchased doesn't work like it should do, as demonstrated in its showcase. We appreciate your responses so we can improve our services better.

5. How do I install my theme?

You can download the installation instruction here, or it comes along with the download package.

6. I found a bug in the theme I downloaded, how can I have support?

All themes you purchase come with our Premium Free Email support. Please send an email to, describe your problems with screenshots, we will support you in 1 working day.

7. How can I make a change to the theme I purchased?

Absolutely! We also provide you a number of theme options such as layout, menu and colors.

8. Can I use your theme in different websites?

For a Buy out, Yes, and for a regular purchase, No. Please send us an email if you would like to purchase license for multiple websites.

9. I have a question which is not listed here?

Please send an email to or use our Contact Us form. We will answer you in 1 working day.

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