Noogen Photography is a new website based on Drupal and designed by Symphony Themes.

Drupal theme for photography

Photographers do not usually use Drupal for their showcase website. Preferable choices would be a blogging software or flash. See some template stores, you can see a lot of flash template. They look pretty cool with eyecatching effects. But be aware, it may cost you more than what you think it is. The cost of a flash template is about $50, but customize it could take hundreds.

We have convinced Noogen Photography to select Drupal over other choices for future advanced features such as photo selling or community involvement. It has a very clean style, very few decoration to lighten up the photo themselves.

Noogen Photography site

The website is here: Drupal photography website - Noogen Photography

  • Homepage: A slideshow with thumbnails, photos change every 9-10 seconds. When you click on a thumbnail, the photo will halt.
  • Galleries: photo galleries are displayed by rows, four in each row.
  • Inside galleries: we use Views Galleriffic module to display photos nicely with thumbnails on the right. This module is very useful in this case. It also supports multiple pages.
  • About us and Contact: show more information and contact form
Drupal photography site Noogen | Galleries

Noogen's galleries


This is the first Drupal theme we design for photography purposes. Your comments are really appreciated.



Noogen Photography is really

Noogen Photography is really wonderful! I found great photos there in the gallery!!! Could sit there for hours!!! :) _______________________________________________________ Moby Danson

wonderful design! very

wonderful design! very attractive, very clean, and very sharp!

Perfect. A clean, simple yet

Perfect. A clean, simple yet attractive template is always a good find because there are so many times where an author attempts the feat but fails. Excellent work.


Great site and great pics! Good job!

Thanks for giving great site

Thanks for giving great site for people like me, who is interested in photography!
I really like it!

By the way, my personal photo gallery here - Elena Andreichuk Photography - U are welcome!

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