Jun 2010
tuthanh | 1 Comments

Fusion is a powerful Drupal base theme which offers alot of flexible styling configuration options. In this article, we will demonstrate many cool features of Fusion with the demonstration from our free Drupal theme ST Octavin.

Fusion is a powerful Drupal base theme which can make your life with Drupal theming easier and more flexibile. I'm myself a Drupal themer for quite long time and I know how unpleasant Drupal developers have to deal with UI stuffs. In order to make a block smaller a little bit, you have to find exact CSS files, make changes, refresh the browser to see how it looks like, and you may repeat it tens times. Now Fusion has layout and style configuration options that you can use the admin interface to manage them. So basically, you can know a little about theming, but you can still customize a Drupal theme to what you want.

Demo of Drupal Fusion theme