Dec 2010
tuthanh | 15 Comments

Alot questions you may think about now:

  • Are you kidding? I know Drupal is great, but it is hard to learn.
  • 7 hours to master Drupal is a joke
  • No way! Bullshit! *&^*#^&% and so on

First thing to say, we can NOT be a Drupal developer to build great Drupal sites in 7 hours. That is just impossible!

I am not a Drupal developer. I am just a Drupal beginner. I know some HTML syntax, some hosting operations, I can't even write PHP code. That's why I found difficult when I first learnt Drupal. It was a long way to get to the point when I can actually show a Drupal site to my friends. What I wished at that time is, if someone could build a completed site for me, I can change my logos, write some stuffs about myself, customize it a little bit then off we go, this is my Drupal site. 

During a couple of years working with my Symphony team, I still want to build a Drupal package, that a beginner like me, can actually launch a Drupal site in less than a day...