Apr 2010
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Melodeon is one of our Drupal themes which has full features of a social network. You want a social network for colleagues, club, alumni or community, it should be Drupal based, because Drupal is made for it. Now you want to add more effects, find them in ST Melodeon.


ST Melodeon is one of our Drupal themes which has full features of a social network such as forum, profiles, blogs and events. Comes with 4 colors, attractive and contrast style, 3 navigation and layout options, it could be an excellent base for your social sites.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Melodeon demo


Here are ST Melodeon's features:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0 Valid
  • 8 Regions
  • 4 color options:...
Mar 2010
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Noogen Photography is a new website based on Drupal and designed by Symphony Themes.

Drupal theme for photography

Photographers do not usually use Drupal for their showcase website. Preferable choices would be a blogging software or flash. See some template stores, you can see a lot of flash template. They look pretty cool with eyecatching effects. But be aware, it may cost you more than what you think it is. The cost of a flash template is about $50, but customize it could take hundreds.

We have convinced Noogen Photography to select Drupal over other choices for future advanced features such as photo selling or community involvement. It has a very clean style, very few decoration to lighten up the photo themselves.

Noogen Photography site

The website is here: Drupal photography website - Noogen Pho...

Mar 2010
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We are happy to announce the introduction of Drupal Themes Club, our premium source of high quality Drupal themes, after a several month of preparation

Individual theme purchasing is now discontinued. Alternatively, you can download all of our Drupal themes, current ones and future themes, by joining our Drupal Themes Club. Yes, there will be about 22 themes will be released in 2010.

Drupal themes Club membership

The Drupal membership club has 3 offers:

  • Gold membership is $150 for 1 year,
  • Silver membership is $140 for 6 months
  • and Bronze membership is $95 for 3 months.

Well $150 for 22 themes, that means $6.8 per theme. It is a very good deal.

Themes Support

The reason to do this because we want you to experience all of our themes at the s...

Sep 2009
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We are happy to annouce the launch of SymphonyThemes, a premium Drupal theme provider. We will provide high quality Drupal templates to Drupal community.

The benefits of SymphonyThemes include

Excellent designs: We have studied much about customer behavior as well as trends in the world to make sure that Symphony themes are nice, effective and trendy ones. All themes have gone through careful QA before we give them out.

Flexible templates: Each theme comes with detailed documents so you can easily modify by using theme options and styles. 

Incredible support: Once you buy the themes or you are just a guest, you will receive support at 24/7 via the Support forum which provides answers for all of your concerns.

Furthermore, you can request a refund within 15 days from your purchase if the theme is not functional, or the support team canno...