Mar 2011
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What a photographer can do with a map. He can mark places he has visited and taken photos. He can show the map to his friends and tell stories about the people, the landscape and the culture of each land by his photos. It is the enthusiasm that we want to bring via ST Dulcian, a perfect combination of image galleries and Gmap location in a Drupal theme.  

Gmap of photos

Show where you have been and the photos you took. This is the world scale, if you have not travel around the world, you can always set the focus to a specific region, your country for example.

When you click on the red marker, a pop up will shown. One more click takes you to the full size image. A small box under the photo gives you more info about its location.

ST Dulcian Gmap with photos
Gmap of photos
ST Dulcian Gmap with photos
Photo with location


See the demo here:...

Oct 2010
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Due to a huge demand for new photography Drupal themes, after the release of Lirone, we have created ST Viola. Viola also has clean style design and utilizes the Galleria effect. Photographers who are interested in building website in Drupal, this is for you.

1. Galleria Slideshow

ST Viola Galleria layout

The default option for gallery display is Galleria slideshow. You browse all galleries first, then clicking on each album will bring you to a nice slideshow of Galleria effect.

2. Pinterest Grid Layout

ST Viola Pinterest layout

Updated on Jun 2013, ST Viola now has one more style: Pinterest layout. This layout is so cool that we have to bring it into Viola.

3. Built in Blog feature