Mar 2015
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ST Quatro is our Drupal 8 magazine theme with responsive layouts. We do not have many newspaper themes, but they are all among our best selling themes. Magazine themes are always difficult to make, because they must maintain two features: easy to read and eye catching. Hopefully Quatro can meet your demands for a great newspaper site.

Update 2015: Quatro3, a better version of Quatro is released.

Update 2017: we have released the Drupal 8 version of this theme.

ST Quatro layout
Quatro3 - News & Magazine Drupal Theme

1. Mobile Responsive

ST Quatro on mobiles

ST Quatro on tablets

Do you want your Drupal site look best in mobile devices? ST Quatro gives you what you need. It is responsive and adaptive to any mobile screens. Your website will be accessed anytime anywhere.

2. Text Article


Sep 2011
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ST Nagara, one of our most wanted theme, inspired by the famous giant BBC has been converted to a responsive Drupal 7 theme.

New techniques

In this version, we have apply a new typography which makes the text more readable and the overall look cleaner. And ofcourse, the best part is responsiveness; the website layout responds to displaying devices.

Taking a block from the homepage for example. As you can see, in the large mode, the article images are located on the left and the article titles are on the right. In a more narrow display, the images and text would be too small if we keep this layout. Therefore, we enlarge the image to cover the whole space and push the titles below it.


Jan 2011
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Designing a magazine theme is always not a easy task. It has many articles with images and text and a lot of categories while it has to maintain an easy to navigate look at the same time. inherited from our featured Nagara theme and inspired by the famous MSNBC, ST Cromone fulfills those requirements. It might not be so attractive from the first glance, but the more you navigate, the more you feel comfortable, just like you are surfing your favorite online magazine.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Cromone demo


Here are Cromone's feature:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0 Valid
  • 7 Regions
  • 7 Colors 
  • Menu options: CSS Menu
  • Install profile - install website with just few clicks
  • Customize using Theme Settings
  • Drupal 6.x
  • Professional Typography


You can preview Cromone here. We will support all problems with Cromone at our Support Forum.

Apr 2010
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This is ST Nagara, our latest Drupal newspaper theme, inspired by the famous giant BBC. Drupal is an excellent base for News Portal/Magazine websites as can be seen with The Onion or PopSci. Unfortunately, we do not see many impressive Drupal themes in this category until the presence of ST Nagara.


Taking the best parts of BBC and fill out the rest with consistent look, you can enjoy a smart grid base layout, enriched typography and various color options of Nagara.

Although it does not have drap drop feature of like BBC has, but it is the only thing we miss in this release. Drag drop feature will definitely be the primary feature when we build Nagara II.


See the demo here: Drupal theme ST Nagara demo


Here are Nagara's feature:

XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0 Valid

  • 8 Regions
  • 6 color options: Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Brown, Deeppink and Deepblue...