May 2011
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When I looked at the Drupal statistics in Wikipedia, the first Drupal conference at Antwerp on Feb 2005 had fewer than 50 people attending. The last conference at Chicago this March, over 3000 attendees. What a huge growth. The upcoming Drupal Con in London happens this August. The tickets just started to be sold but I already feel the heat: 350 proposed sessions are submitted.

I have never been at a Drupal conference. I hope this is a chance to attend a Drupal conference, and it would be wonderful to be there as a speaker. My proposed session is "How to make out of the box Drupal products". I also quote the proposal here:

How to make out-of-the-box Drupal products?

What is out-of-the-box

A Drupal out-of-the-box package, also called "install profile", consists of collections of Drupal core, modules, themes and associated configuration settings for a specific usage. The best part of it is that you can use right after installation. Some popular Drupal install profles are OpenPublish, Drupal Commons, Open Atrium, Managing Ne...

Dec 2010
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Alot questions you may think about now:

  • Are you kidding? I know Drupal is great, but it is hard to learn.
  • 7 hours to master Drupal is a joke
  • No way! Bullshit! *&^*#^&% and so on

First thing to say, we can NOT be a Drupal developer to build great Drupal sites in 7 hours. That is just impossible!

I am not a Drupal developer. I am just a Drupal beginner. I know some HTML syntax, some hosting operations, I can't even write PHP code. That's why I found difficult when I first learnt Drupal. It was a long way to get to the point when I can actually show a Drupal site to my friends. What I wished at that time is, if someone could build a completed site for me, I can change my logos, write some stuffs about myself, customize it a little bit then off we go, this is my Drupal site. 

During a couple of years working with my Symphony team, I still want to build a Drupal package, that a beginner like me, can actually launch a Drupal site in less than a day...

May 2010
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On May 12th 2010, Noupe has presented 50 high quality Drupal themes in their blog. ST Alphorn and Conch are selected among 5 themes of Magazine and Newspaper style category.

Noupe is a well known design blog about new and interesting stuff on design, jQuery and photoshop. In the recent article on Drupal, Noupe introduced some basic concepts of Drupal setup, simple customization and themes in conjuction with 50 Drupal themes of categories:

  • Free Magazine and Newspaper Style Themes
  • Free Corporate and Business Themes
  • Free Blog Themes
  • Free Wordpress Ported Themes for Drupal
  • Blank and Starter Drupal Themes for Developers
  • Premium Drupal 6 Themes

Alphorn and Conch from Symphony Themes are listed among five free magazine and newspaper styles themes. So far they are two of most popular free Drupal themes. According to our statistics, each of them has...

Mar 2010
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We are happy to announce the introduction of Drupal Themes Club, our premium source of high quality Drupal themes, after a several month of preparation

Individual theme purchasing is now discontinued. Alternatively, you can download all of our Drupal themes, current ones and future themes, by joining our Drupal Themes Club. Yes, there will be about 22 themes will be released in 2010.

Drupal themes Club membership

The Drupal membership club has 3 offers:

  • Gold membership is $150 for 1 year,
  • Silver membership is $140 for 6 months
  • and Bronze membership is $95 for 3 months.

Well $150 for 22 themes, that means $6.8 per theme. It is a very good deal.

Themes Support

The reason to do this because we want you to experience all of our themes at the s...

Jan 2010
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Please join us to say NO to Internet Explorer 6.

It was a busy week for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It has recently been accounted for security vulnerability source that Google was hacked in China (see this article). Following this incident, French and German government issued a warning against IE (see it here). It's been admitted by Microsoft that IE6 is to blamed.

From a theme developer point of view, we also face many troubles with IE6. As web technology develops with many awesome effects, IE6 does not support them all. So we have to limit our functions just to make our themes look consistent in every browsers. Without the existence of IE6, we could enhance our theme quality more.

So we sh...