Oct 2012
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This is the guest post from OSTraining. OSTraining is a well known company which provides online training, classroom training and onsite training for Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. I find it is very helpful to feature posts from OSTraining on Drupal tutorials on our blog. The topic today is "Adding a Weather block to your Drupal site".

One of our students is building a local tourism website. They wanted to show the local weather on the site but without any of the big, ugly branding that often accompanies weather displays.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the Weather module to create a local weather block.

The Weather module works great, but it can be confusing to configure. This tutorial will walk you the set up from installation to publication.



  • Click on Configuration
  • Locate Weather in the User Interface block and click on...
Mar 2012
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Last week many of our theme demonstration sites were not working. Users only saw a blank screen with "Fatal error" or "Warning messages". Thanks Hennie who reminded me about this issue.

The reason was our mistake when carrying out the Drupal update process. After update the Drupal core with the latest package Drupal 7.12, we forgot to run the /update.php script. That is quite amateur I know, sorry about that.

When you use our themes, we have include the Drupal core and contributed modules with our packages. When Drupal and those modules release new versions, you will need to update them. So I think it is good to provide a guideline for updating Drupal and Drupal modules because you will be frequently using it.

Drupal update guide

1. Backup

First, backup your Drupal site. Play it safe. If anything goes wrong, you do not lose anything.

  • Backup database: We include the backup_migrate module with the installation profile so it will be out-of-the-box for use. Just go to /admin/config/system/backup_migrate and hit "Backup now".
  • ...
Jan 2012
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This is a repost from Tuthanh's blog, the founder of Symphony Themes. The original article is available at: http://tuthanh.com/blog/be-proud-when-you-are-small

What do you think when your team is down from 10+ to 2? Move from a 100m2 office full of office equipments to a 20m2 simple one?

I started the 2011 year with a large office, a team of 10 staffs including developers, designers and an accountant, chasing a dream of becoming a large technology company with different cool products. After a year, I have 2 permanent staffs including me, moved to a much smaller office and focus on one or two projects only.

Many people call it a setback. I call it an advantage.

In these recent weeks, I still wonder can I continue this stuff for long. In everybody's mind, you look great when you have more people. When people ask you about your company size, I reply "20-30 staffs", they often say "Wow, great". Now I say "2 staffs", they say something to show their politeness.

And when I read the 37signal's book "Rework", it eases my mind. It said:

"Don't be insecure about aiming to be a small business. Anyone who runs a business that's sustainable and profitable, whether it's big or small, should be proud."

Yes, why...

Nov 2011
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This is the hosting promotion from our Symphony Themes' hosting partners, exclusively for Symphony Themes users only!

Save on your Drupal hosting needs! Symphony Themes’ recommended hosting provider, CoolHandle Hosting, is now offering 30% off shared hosting, only for Symphony Themes customers and visitors!

Just enter the coupon code SYMPHONY in the promo code box. Offer good for 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year hosting. This coupon expires in two weeks, so act quick!

Expiration date: December 5th 2011

CoolHandle started as a group o...

Oct 2011
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As you already know, Drupal 7 had its debut on January this year. It has been 8 months until we can come up with the first Drupal 7 themes (ST Khen and ST Mizmar). I have faced many challenges such as lack of modules and a good base theme. Changing a Drupal platform requires a completed reboot of technology and thinkings.

Omega base theme

One crucial point of our Drupal 7 themes is mobile device supported. For Drupal 6, my headache was making the theme compliant to major browsers. Now the heachache is doubled since we still have to keep the theme look best in major browsers, we also have to make it look best in mobile devices. With the huge growth of hand held devices, mobile supported displaying will be soon a must for any websites. 

ST Mizmar, responsive Drupal 7 theme
An example of responsive layout

Thanks to...