Jun 2010
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Taxonomy is one of the best features that make Drupal superior than many other CMSs. This is article, we will introduce basic concepts of taxonomy in Drupal.

For new Drupal users, Drupal's Taxonomy is difficult to understand at first. But it doesn't have to be. “When all the fancy language is stripped away, Taxonomy is about one thing: organizing your site by attaching descriptive terms to each piece of content”.

Taxonomoy: Vocabulary and Term

In Drupal, Taxonomy is a method that administrators use to organize website content. You can set up a taxonomy that allows users to add terms (also known as tags or metadata) to content. Taxonomy is created from 'Vocabularies' that contain related 'Terms'. A vocabulary is a set of terms and terms are just another word for categories.

Each category group, or vocabulary, can contain multiple category entries, or terms, for tagging content. For...

May 2010
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There are many reasons to integrate your Drupal site with Google map (GMap). You can create a business directory with company contacts and locations, or a list of local restaurants with directions. Good news is that it can be achieved using Gmap and Location Drupal modules. And we will show you how to use Gmap and Location modules in Drupal in this article.

Demo of GMap in a Drupal site

Let's take our Drupal theme ST Pipe as an example. Basically it is a restaurant review website. It shows restaurant information such as images, contact details and a Gmap block to show directions to the location. Very nice way to make the content more appealing to users.

Drupal Gmap and Drupal Direction in ST Pipe
Restaurant detail page with GMap

The following section is how we implement this feature in Drupal.

How to use Drupal Gmap and Location modules

  1. Download Drupal GMap and...
Apr 2010
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Drupal has some very good modules to deal with the 403 - 404 error pages. This article is about how to use Drupal modules to customize 403 and 404 pages.

Error page does not have to look plain and aweful

Why should we bother? Among pages of a website, the 403 (access denied) and 404 (page not found) error page seems to have least attention. However, it comes a little bit annoying for users to see an unwelcome page. I found frustrating when doing google for some keywords, clicked to a link but ended up with a page not found. Some times it's caused by system changes or article archiving. But for any reason, this could cause users to leave the site immediately.

Here are some solutions which Drupal provides...

Jan 2010
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This article is a Drupal tutorial on how to create Event content type in Drupal.

Let say I'm building a website for a corporate, or an organzition. It should have slideshows, news, pages, Twitter, contact form and so on. Well one more thing, events. Organizations would gladly to have an event feature so they can announce upcoming activities, business owners also want to have their customers well informed of their campaign. So Event is a important piece of a website.

We see there is a high demand for event feature and we have created ST Duduk (highly for event oriented pages such as clubs) and ST Gemshorn. Anw, creating Event content type is not a simple task, so I think it's good to show our step-by-step tutorial for this issue here