Mar 2012
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This project is a joint work between Symphony Themes and Octopus Video a Drupal social video management platform.

Octopus is the web’s premier 100% open source video hosting and delivering platform. Based on the Drupal platform, Octopus offers services to video contents, providing support for video uploads, enabling you to convert to web-compatible formats for playback in Flash or HTML5, and it’s even compatible for playback on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile setups, or share through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Octopus provides the most thorough feature set of any video hosting and delivering platform. With such a feature-rich platform, any developer can easily manage everything from Video Podcasts to video blogging and much, much more.

Octopus runs on the Drupal platform with video module, developed by Heshan. It is hosted in Drupal.org at http://drupal.org/project/video, also maintained on Github at https://github.com/heidisoft/Octopus

A few months ago, we have worked with Octopus Video to produce the first theme for its...

Jan 2012
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Although I am fairly confortable with using the plain editor to write HTML code, most of my customers aren't. They do not have technical background and feel difficulty just to look at a buch of opening and closing tags. WYSIWYG comes in handy here to provide an easy to use solution for non tech guys.

In my experiences, there are two things that most of my customers concern: "an editor with enough menu buttons" and "a tool to upload image". So when I see a Drupal 7 sites without them, the first thing in my mind is to get them installed.

On Drupal 6, my choice for the WYSIWYG editor is FCKEditor. CKEditor is the successor of FCK with better visual and functionality and it works well with Drupal 7. IMCE is a great tool for users to upload files. In the following sections, I will describe how to install and tune CKEditor and IMCE. 

Installing CKEditor

CKEditor is not a separate module in Drupal 7. You have to install the WYSIWYG module and then install CKEditor as its library.

  1. Download WYSIWYG at...
Sep 2011
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Websites are no longer viewed only on a desktop screens. More and more smartphones, tablets and netbooks are introduced to offer new and more convenient ways to access web content everywhere. In this article, Symphony Themes introduces two FREE Drupal 7 themes, Alphorn and Conch, which support display in various devices from smartphones, tablets to laptops and big screen computers.

In the Drupal Conference London 2011 last month, Tom Deryckere showed some figures of the mobile penetration on his session "Bridging gap between desktop and mobile publishing with Drupal": 

  • Facebook: 200M mobile users, 2x more active than Desktop users
  • Twitter mobile: 50% of total active users, 40% of all tweets.
  • Only 21% of Google's largest advertisers have a website that is optimized for mobile.

In fact, Morgan Stanley predicts at the current rate of change and adoption, mobile Web usage will surpass desktop Intern...

Aug 2011
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This project is a cooperation between Symphony Themes and ITFS (a local web development firm). Our Symphony team took care of the design part while ITFS was responsbile for the Drupal solution.

In this article, I will only mention about the design part.

About the customer

Exotic Voyages is a startup tourist team of committed people who have been in the tourism industry for almost 20 years. After a long time serving in the industry as a local partners of many US and Europe tourist agents, a group of specialists decided to establish a new business which aims at direct relationships with end-customers. Exotic Voyages offer customized trips to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, luxury Indochina trips specialize in cultural visits, history, exploring spectacular landscape and natural wonders.

Design & Theming

Exotic Voyages homepage

Challenge: the client insisted that he...

Jun 2011
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After ST Alphorn was ported to Drupal 7 theme last month, we proceed to do the same with ST Conch. Conch is also one of our popular free Drupal themes with thousand downloads.

Demo and download

Conch in responsive mode

ST Conch in 3 different layours


As noted from previous post, the  Dr...